“Knowing – When you know how you think, you get to choose how you feel.”

The inspiration for “Knowing” came from Dr.Know’s very successful blog. Answering requests from thousands of young people around the globe.



Although the knowledge contained in these pages would enlighten people of all ages, it is primarily targeted to 14 – 25 year-olds. It is an accessible and informative read, based in science and logic. At the same time funny and educational, illustrated by two 18 year-old illustrators. Who provide the perfect visual accompaniment to the text.

“Knowing” is not a book about mental illness, nor does it point out to young people how many problems they have. It is a book that says, “I am learning about the philosophy of thought and it is helpful. It helps me understand how I think, and as a result, how I feel.”

It is a book that will help you feel better about your place in the world.


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